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Dry January – The Ongoing Saga

For some time now, Ireland – and probably the rest of the world – has been flirting with the desire to start afresh following the Holiday Season splurge and the dawning of the new year. Resolutions abound as Irish people the length and breadth of the country make short or reaching lists of things they hope to achieve come the new year. Learning a new language, visiting a new country and losing weight are mixed in with desires to save money or the quintessential ‘be happy’ notion. Among these ideals is the desire for a ‘Dry January’ or the abstinence from alcohol for the 31 days of the gloomiest month in the Gregorian calendar. As a concept in and of itself, it strikes pride in those who wish to seek it and I’m sure medical professionals up and down the country must welcome the idea in some of their patients. However, falling off the bandwagon of late has become more of a crowning glory than actually forestalling peer pressure and pushing through to the other side. If we excuse the la